Monsters Collector Script

A fun and profitable business idea

Today, online games are usually a highly profitable business due to the large number of users who daily search for new forms of entertainment, Monsters Collector Script can be installed on a website to be an easy to understand and accessible browser game from any computer or phone.

The game administrator can explore different sources of income such as the sale of coins and other items within the game, the implementation of advertising, not to mention the many other ways that can be implemented through external modules such as offerwalls or tasks, tournaments, the diamond store, among many others.


Scalable and customizable

Monsters Collector, is a very versatile script based on the php programming language where the administrator can start his own monster collection game. The script is programmed in an organized way so that it can be easily modified.

We also have for sale different modules ready to install such as battles between players, card collection album with the option to award prizes to players, affiliate system, paid survey wall and many other modules. Additionally we are working on the development of new modules: Friends, profiles, messages, tournaments, achievements, tops, contests and at least 30 other modules so that each administrator can customize their game to the maximum and thus achieve greater originality.

Possibility of growth

Monster Collector, when combined with some modules, can have hundreds of configuration options in your administrator panel and if you want to include something new you can quote with us new exclusive modules for your game.

You can also purchase the service design of new monsters or if instead of monsters you prefer that your game be of another theme such as vampires or mermaids you can also purchase the reskin service of your game. You can always continue growing since with studios 23 you have a support team willing to provide you with services quickly, efficiently and economically.

More Features

Monster Collector, when installed on a website, is presented as a fresh, comfortable and addictive proposal. Monster Collector has enough features to be a genuinely engaging game.
The satisfaction that collecting different types of monsters can generate is always pleasant and by creating a constant game cycle, the desire to continue playing increases. The player You can spend the time merging the eggs of their monsters to create evolved eggs that create better monsters.

These same monsters need to feed themselves to produce new eggs and for this there is a minigame system where the user can play to earn coins and thus be able to feed their monsters. The script also has an integrated store with paypal and coinpayments where players can buy coins and thus obtain larger amounts instantly.


Select the plan that best suits you, all include support and future updates in the version of the script

Basic Script + Featured Modules
$240 $159
  • Monsters Collector Script
  • 150 Monsters Pack
  • Coin store integrated with paypal and coinpayments
  • Album Module
  • Battles Module
  • Minigames Module
  • Profile and friends module
  • Daily bonus Module
  • Diamonds Module and Diamond Store
  • Affiliate Module
  • Egg Exchange Module
  • Offerwalls module
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Password: admin

Reskin (Design to change the theme)
$400 $199
  • Total redesign of the script to another theme of your choice (cats, pets, zombies, other)
  • Design and implementation of all required images such as: Banners, logo, letters, eggs, monsters, etc.
  • Note: The script and modules must be purchased additionally.
Lifetime modules subscription
$1000 $499
  • Monsters Collector Script + installation
  • 150 Monsters Pack
  • Free Basic Hosting for 1 month
  • Domain .com Free for 1 year + SSL

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Monsters Collector Script

For many, PHP is the lifeblood of web development. The Script contains commands written in php code and is mainly used in WordPress, Drupal, Magento. If you have a problem that needs an online solution, most likely, you can find the answer by creating a PHP Script, or by downloading a ready-made one. Specifically Monsters Collector Script, is a set of files programmed so that when installed on a web server they run a browser game.

Yes, the installation service can be purchased additionally

Yes. We have a category of modules where they can be purchased individually.

Cron Jobs, PHP 5.6 or higher and MySQL We have hosting plans available that have everything necessary for the proper functioning of the script

The code is not encrypted and can be modified in its entirety, but it must be taken into account that when modifying the code, future updates of the script may not be compatible with the modified code. If you want to make changes or add functions, we recommend doing it through the modules, if no module suits your requirement, you can quote it with us.

If you want your game to be a complete business we recommend: Domain, Hosting, ssl, logo, banners, modules, advertising. Some plans already include several of these services.