Fancy Rewards PHP Script

A perfect script to create sites like:
Rewards sites (GPT), investments, games with economy.

Fancy Rewards php script has everything you need to start a Get Paid To rewards site , a browser game or an investment site , combined with a fully automated and addictive economic growth game!

How does it work?
The general idea of ​​the game is to grow your coin factory!
The user gets coins that he can use to buy machines, the machines produce coins every minute, the user can accumulate his coins to raise his level machines, buy new machines or even exchange his coins for real money (if the administrator enables that option).
The user can invest by making a purchase of coins through the available payment processors.

You can also earn free coins by taking surveys and tasks offered by partners like wannads and offertoro.
The user will have to enter at least once every 24 hours to start their engines again, the engines produce a specified amount of coins every minute and last 24 hours producing coins before turning off.


Fully customizable

The site administrator can use the administrative panel to set the value of the coins, set the price of the coin packages sold in the store or deactivate the store, set the value of the coins for withdrawals or deactivate withdrawals.

The administrator can activate, deactivate and add deposit and withdrawal methods, can view and edit users, can view, edit, delete and add new machines. Many other options such as modifying the affiliate system, modifying or deactivating the offerwalls are included. If the administrator wants another theme other than the machines, he can do it easily by changing some texts and some images.

Options that help you grow your project

Option to activate instant withdrawals
If on your site you want to allow the option to exchange coins for real money rewards, Fancy Rewards Script comes integrated with the option of instant withdrawals via payeer.

Create trust in your users by activating instant withdrawals with payeer. Safe, Easy to configure and you can deactivate it at any time. You can also add all the manual withdrawal methods you want and set the minimum withdrawal for each method.

If you want to start a GPT-style rewards site or if you want to give your users an additional option to earn free coins, an excellent option is offerwalls, platforms that will pay you for each user who completes a survey or a task, the script comes bundled with 4 of the most famous and stable offerwall platforms.

In the documentation you will find the step-by-step guide to configure each one of them.

Daily Bonus
The administrator can activate, deactivate and configure the daily bonus. With the daily bonus, users can return each day to claim a bonus of coins given away by the administration as a reward for returning each day.

More Features

Referral system
With the fully configurable affiliate system, users can post their link to win prizes in coins for attracting new users. The administrator can also easily add banners that users can use to promote the site.

Main Features:
  1. - Coin store
  2. - Integrated with Deposits via paypal
  3. - Integrated with Deposits via payeer
  4. - Integrated with Deposits via coinpayments (Cryptocurrencies)
  5. - Daily Bonus
  6. - Integrated with instant withdrawals via payeer
  7. - Easy to add new manual withdrawal methods (crypto, gift card, others)
  8. - Fully customizable from the admin panel
  9. - Responsive so that it can be used from any device
  10. - Integrated Google ReCaptcha
  11. - Integrated Google Analytics
  12. - Language system
  13. - 99% of the text is in a single file to be edited and translated
  14. - English and Spanish languages ​​included
  15. - Complete installation guide
  16. - Support team available via email to answer questions
  17. - Many configurations are already made (machines, shop, exchanges, faqs, others) and ready to install and start using
  18. - Add, delete and edit machines from the admin panel
  19. - Suspension system and user edition
  20. - Basic configuration and advanced configuration in the admin panel
  21. - Establish the maximum amount of money that a user who has not invested can withdraw
  22. - Establish the maximum amount of money that a user can withdraw that has invested based on a percentage according to the investment
  23. - Mail confirmation system
  24. - Automatic email notification to the user when he must return to the site to turn on the factory
  25. - Option to add gift coins to each new user
  26. - Administrative system of earnings statistics
  27. - Statistics and proofs of payment visible from the main page
  28. - Offerwalls with 4 integrated platforms (wannads, offertoro, adscendmedia, personaly)
  29. - Sections ready to use and modifiable: Frequently asked questions, terms, privacy policy, contact page.
  30. - Complete Documentation with installation guide.


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Professional Installation
  • Script installation on your hosting
Package: Ready to start
  • Fancy Rewards PHP Script
  • Support
  • Future updates
  • Domain .COM, SSL
  • Hosting (1 month free and then $ 10 / month)
  • Installation
  • General settings
  • Request, configuration and approval in networks such as wannads, offertoro and personaly
  • Logo and Banners

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Fancy Rewards PHP Script

For many, PHP is the lifeblood of web development. The Script language contains commands written in code and is mainly used in WordPress, Drupal, Magento. If you have a problem that needs an online solution, most likely, you can find the answer by creating a PHP Script, or by downloading a ready-made one. Specifically Fancy Rewards PHP Script, is a set of files programmed so that when installed on a web server they run a kind of browser game.

Yes, the installation service can be purchased additionally

Yes. You can buy the development service for this script. Write to

Cron Jobs, PHP 7.3 and MySQLi. We have available hosting plans that have everything necessary for the proper functioning of the script

The code is not encrypted and can be modified in its entirety, but it must be taken into account that when modifying the code, future updates of the script may be possible.

If you want your game to be a complete business we recommend: Domain, Hosting, ssl, logo, banners, custom development, total redesign, advertising.